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About us

Ceratec is an experienced integrating and engineering business. 

We are active as an innovative solutions partner and offer turnkey solutions in 4 domains: Automation, Handling & Logistics, Electrotechnics and Ceramics equipment. We want to offer our clients a recognisable competitive advantage, at any time.

The group Ceratec, and a team of 450 motivated employees, achieved a turnover of 70 million Euros in 2014.

Logo automation

We are a leading provider of advanced automation and control solutions (PLC's, process control, robotics, AGV's) for many industrial partners.

Logo handling&logistic solutions

Due to our consistent use of state-of-the-art technologies and control systems, we have become a leading partner as a solution provider in many industrial sectors. We deliver turnkey internal transport systems, handling machines, palletising and wrapping systems, purpose-built or integrated in a global project.

Logo electrotechnics

Ceratec is also setting the tone in electrotechnical installations and has become a most reliable and professional partner in complex projects for the industry and tertiary areas. We focus on technically complicated projects that demand organisation, fast implementation and expertise.


Logo ceramic equipment

Last but not least, Ceratec has over 80 years experience in creative brick making technology. We produce complete turnkey plants and equipment for the clay building materials industry (bricks, tiles, pipes, refractories).

Please check our dedicated website for more information: www.ceratec.eu